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Carolyn Meyer

Doomed Queen Anne

A complicated and much-hated Tudor queen tells her side of the story in this engaging novel of Anne Boleyn.
Anne Boleyn was born without great beauty, wealth, or title, but she has blossomed into a captivating young woman—and she knows it. Determined to rise to the top, she uses her wiles to win the heart of England’s most powerful man, King Henry VIII. Not satisfied with the king’s heart, however, she persuades Henry to defy everyone—including his own wife—to make her his new queen. But Anne’s ambition would prove to be her fatal flaw.
Named a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age, among other honors, Doomed Queen Anne is part of the historical fiction Young Royals series that has illuminated the youthful lives of Europe’s most compelling—and sometimes, infamous—queens and princesses.
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