A Thief in the Night: a Book of Raffles' Adventures

These latest adventures of 'Raffles' and 'Bunny' are their most thrilling and exciting ones. The sentimental side of their story has never before been shown so dramatically and romantically, and the suggestion in this book of the final conclusion of their careers cannot but make these stories of the greatest interest to all readers.
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    Great and inspiration so much


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    "I missed Achilles hours ago," said he. "And still he's sulking in his tent!"
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    I looked at the curly head upon
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    It was Raffles I loved. It was not the dark life we led together, still less its base rewards; it was the man himself, his gayety, his humor, his dazzling audacity, his incomparable courage and resource.

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    Raúl Zura
    E. W. Hornung
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