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How to create an audio book

Wanna create an audio book simply and — almost — for free?

You just finished writing your novel, your essay, your memoirs. Or anything good. You may have published it in a digital or paper version. But have you thought about an audio version? Hundreds of thousands of potential readers prefer audio books! You think you can not reach them?

Think again. It is quite possible to convert a long text (a book, for example) into an audio version. It can even be a very positive and funny experience for you!

Indeed, recording your own voice …

… is nice! … is useful because it improves your diction and confidence And in addition, you can reach a decent quality level to sell an audio book!

As part of our on-line video training as well as our podcasts, we have acquired simple and affordable techniques to get optimal audio recording quality.
We want to share them with you!

What will you find in this practical eguide « How to create an audio book »?

The importance of good quality sound Bad sound, good sound Choose your microphone Prepare the recording part Getting Started with Audacity Software Positioning the microphone and headphones Audio recording levels Articulation, narration and hydration Recording example with Audacity Basic audio processing Trimming the audio tape Exporting the audio tape Merging audio files More than 100 pages of useful and actionable information

Use the Audacity open-source software, a good quality micro USB as well as our step-by-step method — with pictures — to produce your audio book!
Are you ready?

Kind regards,

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere
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