John Milton

The Collected Prose Works of John Milton

John Milton belongs to the most important English poets and prose polemicists ever. One of his biographs wrote about him: “He was the greatest of all human beings: the noblest and the ennobler of mankind. He has steadily grown in the world's reverence, and his fame will still increase with the lapse of ages.”


Of Reformation In England, And The Causes That Hitherto Have Hindered It.
Of Prelatical Episcopacy,
The Reason Of Church-Government Urged Against Prelaty.
Animadversions Opon The Remonstrant's Defence Against Smectymnuus.
An Apology For Smectymnuus.
Of Education.
Areopagitica: A Speech For The Liberty Of Unlicensed Printing.
The Doctrine And Discipline Of Divorce;
The Judgment Of Martin Bucer Concerning Divorce.
Tetrachordon. Expositions Upon The Four Chief Passages Of Colasterion. A Reply To A Nameless Answer Against The Doctrine
The Tenure Of Kings And Magistrates:
Observations On The Articles Of Peace,
The Portraiture Of His Majesty In His Solitudes And Sufferings.
A Defence Of The People Of England, In Answer To Salmasius's
Brief Notes Upon A Late Sermon, Titled, The Fear Of God And The King.
The History Of Britain, That Part Especially Now Called England,
Of True Religion, Heresy, Schism, Toleration; And What Best Means May Be Used Against The Growth Of Popery.
A Brief History Of Moscovia, And Of Other Less Known Countries Lying Eastward Of Russia As Far As Cathay.
A Manifesto Of The Lord Protector Of The Commonwealth Of England, Scotland, Ireland, &C.
The Second Defence Of The People Of England, Against An Anonymous Libel
Familiar Epistles, Translated From The Latin, By Robert Fellowes, A. M. Oxon.
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