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Wallace Kelly

Reprogram Your Subconscious

The Mind Is An Incredible Thing

Your brain is capable of storing more information than a roomful of computers. It remembers the way things look, smell, sound, feel, and taste. Unfortunately, the brain is also guilty of faulty programming.

By the age of five, you've already received 50% of your emotional programming from the adults and events in your life. By your early teens, you've been programmed 75% or more. Even if you had the most stress-free and loving upbringing, is it wise to allow a small child or teenager to lead the way? Of course not.

Those lessons have gone deep into your subconscious though and, try as you might, it's hard to make changes. You want to change, you need to change, you know you can…but how?

Once you follow the steps in this book and create some new habits you're going to see how incredibly easy it is to finally succeed in life. Whether you want to attract love, be more confident, find your ideal career, lose weight, or anything else you've yearned for and dreamed about for so very long, you can finally achieve it!
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  • Georgi Andonovhar delt en vurderingsidste år

    Good book, but it doesn't contain techniques for reprogramming of the mind.


  • Georgi Andonovhar citeretsidste år
    “I’ve lost 50 pounds and am at my ideal weight. I feel energetic, eat healthy food, and exercise for half an hour daily.”
  • Georgi Andonovhar citeretsidste år
    First thing in the morning write down everything you want to do that day. Put the most important things at the top of the list and don’t start on the next task until the first one is done.

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