Robin Snclair

The Anti-Perfectionism Manifesto : Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done!

Do you still  make every effort, experiencing a hard time, working yourself to  exhaustion to attain some ideal state of achievement that always seem to get out of  your reach? Do you beat yourself up because  you just can't get there regardless of how hard you try?You can stop blaming yourself. Blame it on plato!Mankind was doodling along just great, until an old greek called plato came up with a devilish concept that torments us to this day; the idea of perfection!Perfectionism is the belief that perfection can and must be obtained. Perfectionism is a belief that anything significantly less than best is completely unacceptable! Countless business men worldwide today may be characterized, and are usually self-described, perfectionists.How has perfectionism been a good tool in your life? Where has it gotten in the way? It is a neurotic compulsion  to fix up tasks repetitively till they truly are precisely what he wanted. A nearly bottomless pit of energy is expended to complete exactly what he wants to get the task done, even when in reality your day is tightly scheduled and finite.=================Table of contents=================introductiontime managementlaw of approximationsperfection is in the eye of the beholderprocrastinationare you a perfectionist procrastinator?Exactly what is the issue?What is wrong with perfect?Perfection is in the eye of the beholderending the success maker before it startsmomentum1. To develop a vision and stay with it2.  Let’s get it on!3. Break out of comfort zonethe quicksand of perfectionismavoiding the win/win situationacceptancecommitmenttips on getting unstuck
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    double-edged sword
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    that stops an individual from
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    To be a perfectionist can also be a true blessing. The drive to attain excellence can push you to accomplish fantastic things

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