Aggil Loupescou

Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Hypnosis

Aggil Loupescou reveals the world of the subconscious and suggests ways by which you can take care of yourself with the easiest and best way. You can get rid of stress, deal with relationships successfully, eliminate obsessions and bad habits such as smoking and drinking, and conquer panic and fears. In addition, she discusses how to strengthen confidence, be creative, and eliminate issues caused by previous life actions. Furthermore, she suggests Hypnotherapy's and research techniques. The knowledge of 'yesterday' establishes creatively 'today' and builds a solid 'tomorrow'.
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    Teohar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    ‘I decelerate the rhythm of my breathing to the point where my consciousness does not know whether I am still breathing or not, while my subconscious knows that I still keep on breathing…Whatever man does is performed automatically: breathing, heart beats, opening and closing the eyelids, digestion…I can still feel I breathe, but in a short while I will no longer feel it…But my subconscious will continue to make me breathe in and out, without me being conscious of it…’
    Teohar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    In the case of other-suggestion, the hypnotist’s ability to transmit the suggestion to the subject under hypnosis in the most intense manner possible is of critical importance. If the hypnotist lacks the ability to enforce the suggestion in an intense manner, then it is quite possible that he or she may fail to achieve its complete acceptance by the subject under hypnosis.
    Teohar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    a. As long as the suggestion is not word-related, as already said, but in the main refers to imagery, the more specific the imagery we keep in our mind, the better we can sketch out even the most minute detail of this ‘imagined painting’, and the greater the chances of its realisation. For example, the greater the detail you bring to mind of the image of you succeeding to ascend the rungs of hierarchy in the office, or bonding with the object of your desire, the greater will your chances be that this will be realised.

    b. To represent imagery as best as possible induced by a suggestion, we are required to repeat it. The more we familiarise ourselves with the image we desire, the more this comes to mean that we wholeheartedly desire it. We believe that we are capable of realising this goal and that is why we imagine it in all its detail. This makes its realisation easier.

    c. It is important that the person who is self-suggested strongly believes that he or she can meet his or her target. Thinking positively but also strong self-confidence are two critical factors. If a person does not believe in his abilities, then it is quite difficult to influence reality via his thought process and succeed to meet his target. Faith and self-confidence lead the person to a particularly analytic and repetitive imagery of the desired effect.

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