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Plato: Philosophy in an Hour

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Philosophy for busy people. Read a succinct account of the philosophy of Plato in just one hour.
Plato is still seen by many as the greatest of all philosophers, inspiring many of the finest thinkers through the ages. Indeed, many see all later philosophy as nothing but attempts to answer the questions he raised. He founded the Academy, the world’s first university, in 387 BC and taught that the physical world is not reality but rather a reproduction of the true source.
Plato: Philosophy in an Hour is a concise, expert account of Plato’s life and philosophical ideas — entertainingly written and easy to understand. Also included are selections from his work, suggested further reading and chronologies that place Plato in the context of the broader scheme of philosophy.
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    Neither democracy nor tyranny had worked, and Athens desperately needed government that could provide order
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    There was complete equality of men and women (though in another dialogue Plato does let slip that “if the soul fails to live well for its appointed time in a man, it passes into the body of a woman”
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    Until the age of twenty they would be educated in gymnastics and uplifting music

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