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DISCOVER:: How to find your passion in life and stay true to your life purpose! 
Passion – what does the word mean to you? Does it mean that you want to feel passionate about the activities, career, and entertainment in your life or is it a sexual emotion only? Passion is associated with living a purposeful life because people want to matter to someone, if not everyone.
Finding your passion in life is going to give you a purpose for living beyond the mundane routine you have been in. You do not have to live your life in a rut, where you lack the passion to try anything new or experience excitement in your career or personal life.
It is time for you to discover what a truly amazing person you can be not only for yourself, but for all of those around you. Get excited, enthusiastic, and use passion to help people, directly or indirectly.
You have everything you need inside of yourself to make a difference, if only it is a difference in being happy, complete, and productive.
You will learn:

1. The definition of passion
2. How to evaluate what you were meant to do
3. How to select a lifestyle that tap into your gifts
4. How to increase time for things that matter
5. Why resorting to deliberate mastery is imperative
6. How to engage in a life of purpose and passion
This book contains step by step exercises to:
- Discover who you really are
- To teach you how to find your passion, stay with it, and feel fulfilled
- To use your values to be productive
- Above all how to live feeling complete and happy
Only you can change your purpose in life through changing your career goals, your career, or the rut you are currently living in. Discover if you have a passion for being a caregiver, writer, painter, or any other purposeful person in life. Your true mastery of your talents and gifts are the best way for you to succeed and feel great about yourself.
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