Raymond Kazuya

Mastering Bitcoin For Absolute Beginners

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☆★☆The Ultimate  Guide To The World of Bitcoin  Technology is here! ☆★☆

This book will teach you the history, fundamentals, and real world applications of bitcoin cryptocurrency

Tired of being cheated by the current system of  central banking? They are like rouge intermediaries with absolute control and hold all the power and can print money on a whim. How much longer can we allow this dysfunctional system of currency exchange to exist?

This is the digital age and this new wave of currency will impact the lives of millions and even billions worldwide!

Meaning  no more scandals from third party intermediaries who can print money out of thin air! No more centralized banks! But a unified and decentralized system that is transparent, distributed, and validated among EVERYONE.

If  you are wondering how can all this be possible? Than it is strongly recommended you grab your copy now and learn everything you need to know about bitcoin, whether you want to invest or understand the convoluted concepts of cyptocurrency in the most easy to read and detailed step by step guide in plain English!

What You'll Learn

Benefits of Bitcoin

History of Bitcoin

Real World Application

Blockchain technology

How mining works

Estimating Trends

Worldwide Influence On  Laws, Policies and Regulations For Bitcoin

And, much,much more!

Not enough? Ok, well there's more… This book also includes bonus chapters and diagrams!

Over 200+ pages of valuable content!

How Does This Book Differ From The Rest?

This book is truly set apart from the rest and is vastly superior. There's an entire section dedicated to blockchain technology as understanding the fundamental technology behind bitcoin is as equally as important itself.

Unlike other books this book does not skim over any details, but gives you the reader an enhanced experience of in depth information, so you can have a greater understanding of both bitcoin and blockchain technology.

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now and join the next big wave of change and see the future!

Imagine a world with no more physical currency or central authority figures that control the supply of money.
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