Stacey Urrutia

Making Angels

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«I regret to inform you the test is negative.»
«I'm sorry, but the baby doesn't have a heartbeat.»
In an instant, one defining moment, the hope for a baby is ripped away.
While some couples conceive and carry a baby very easily, others, like Stacey and Kevin, travel on a journey that takes years to bring them the children they desire. The road to create their family included a spiritual awakening as well—one that was realized only years after they had children to call their own.
Whether you or someone you love has had difficulty getting pregnant, struggled with multiple miscarriages, lost a baby born prematurely, or considered surrogacy or adoption, this relatable memoir will pull at your heartstrings. The raw emotions and real-life struggles Stacey and her husband endured will show you that you and your loved ones can not only survive infertility problems, but thrive after such an experience. Through their story, you will learn that regardless of your outcome, there is a way to restore a sense of peace in your life.
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