A Joosr Guide to Purple Cow by Seth Godin

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The marketing world isn't what it used to be. Simply creating a good product isn't enough, and standard advertisements now just get lost amongst all the others. To get people's attention and be truly successful, you've got to stand out and get noticed-just like a purple cow.

Most of us wouldn't stop and stare at something mundane, like a herd of cows. But if one of those cows happened to be bright purple, it would draw attention far and wide. As an introduction to the modern marketing world, Purple Cow works on exactly that principle, teaching you how to create and market an extraordinary product that stands out from its ordinary competitors.

You will learn:

· That your best potential customers should be seeking you out, and not the other way around

· Why catering your products and ads to the majority is the worst thing you can do

· How to expand your business once you've created a successful product.
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    The risks of being unremarkable are greater than the risks of standing out
    If the process of creating a purple cow product sounds risky, that’s becaus
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    Take advantage of this with products, promotions, and campaigns that are exclusively for your most devoted fans.
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    consumers have stopped paying attention. They

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