Grace Goodwin

Cyborg’s Secret Baby

Atlan Warlord Jorik guards the Coalition Fleet's Processing Center on Earth, protecting warriors and brides without mercy or distraction…until he sees Gabriela. She is everything the beast within him craves. Soft. Curved. Unafraid. He dreams of courting her properly, wooing her into accepting his beast's claim, and making her his—body and soul. Danger strikes and his beast takes control—resulting in his immediate removal from Earth. From Gabriela.

Gabriela fell in love with an alien Warlord who fought to save her life, then disappeared, only to learn he was later killed in a battle with the Hive. She moves on with her life as best she can, with one beautiful reminder of their time together. A baby.

When she learns Jorik isn't dead, but banished to the Colony, she and the baby are sent to find him. The problem? He's not just contaminated, he's been newly matched by the Interstellar Brides Program. And not to her.
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    jessica araujohar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    I couldn’t let her remain like this a moment longer.
    Jessica Araujohar citeretfor 7 måneder siden
    I would have to shower. Dress in clothes that were clean. Sleep more than two hours at a time. Be able to stand upright without wincing from being cut open to have a huge-ass baby pulled out of me. Be able to put two thoughts together, because God, where did my brain go?

    Jori stuck his little legs out and let out a wail. The l

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