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Albert Lee Kelln


Al Kelln's twenty-seven miracles will inspire the reader. The son of German speaking immigrants left the aftermath of the Depression in Oklahoma to become a Naval officer and nuclear propulsion engineer.

His years at U.S. Naval Academy (class of 1952) prepared him for destroyer and diesel submarine deployments to the Korean War. Surviving several close calls, the author trained in Admiral Rickover's Nuclear Power School.

Early exploratory voyages under the ice to the Arctic Ocean on nuclear submarine USS Skate allowed him to be the first person to have flown over, stood at, and gone under the ice at the North Pole.

Kelln served in the construction and subsequent operation of four nuclear submarines. Admiral Rickover made him the Chief Engineer of Aircraft Carrier Enterprise CVAN for its operations in the Mediterranean, its circumnavigation of the world, and shipyard overhaul.

With humor, the author shares poignant meetings with John Eisenhower, the Queen of Greece, and ruffians at Holy Loch, Scotland.

After retirement, Admiral Kelln founded the Naval Submarine League and several Christian endeavors, including a Pregnancy Center. He and his wife, Cecily, live in Llano, Texas and continue their teaching ministries.
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