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Adam Barnard

buckets (NHB Modern Plays)

How to fill what’s left of your day. How to fill the rest of your days. Sick buckets, bucket rattling, bucket lists, buckets of love.
Wry, emotive, funny and heartfelt, buckets is a play with a unique perspective on a universal dilemma: how do you deal with the fact that time always runs out?
Across thirty-three interconnected scenes – some just a few lines, others mini-plays in their own right – buckets swings through a kaleidoscopic world of sadness and happiness, illness and health, youth and experience, kissing and crying, singing and dying.
Adam Barnard's open-ended text can be performed by any number and composition of actors.
buckets premiered at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, in May 2015.
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  • b2032408310har citeretfor 4 år siden
    Someone I went to see, and they. Told me to make lists. Things that are wrong and things that I’m grateful for. And I’m sure it’s a good technique for some people but… One. I don’t – I can’t – I’m sick, basically, and I don’t think I’m going to get better. And the world is so. I mean at any given moment millions of people are suffering, really actively suffering, starving and ill and being burnt and scarred, and we all just carry on, we know what’s happening but we ignore it, we occupy ourselves with trivial little problems, and then – then we go on about living good lives and everyone’s just so selfish, if you stop and think about it it’s sickening and once you realise that how can any of us live with ourselves?
  • b2032408310har citeretfor 4 år siden
    feel I can carry on with… Someone
  • b2032408310har citeretfor 4 år siden
    It’s just after midnight and I’m standing at the end of the platform at the train station. And this is the

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