Sheila Hollins,John Swinton,Katie Carpenter,Lucy Bergonzi

Going to Church

Belonging to a community reduces isolation, gives people meaning and purpose, and can equip people to contribute more fully. To belong to a community means that people recognise you for who you are, care for you and miss you when you are not there.
Going to Church can support people to explore aspects of a church community, and to decide if they want to be part of it. It will also help a church community actively consider how to reduce the barriers to participation that some members of society face. When read together by church members, with and without learning disabilities, this story will deepen understanding of people's experiences, the issues that they can encounter in church, and some of the ways in which we can work together to create stronger communities.
The Books Beyond Words series
Professor the Baroness Hollin's and her team have spent many years working with people who find pictures easier to understand than words, and have learnt a lot about what is important to them. Books Beyond Words are the result of careful development with the help of the people who read the books, and with family, supporters and professional experts.
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