James Ryan

How to Analyze People

Analyzing people will give you a distinct advantage in personal, social, and professional situations. Although most of us analyze each other on a subconscious level, there aren’t many who take control of this ability and perfect it, so doing so will give you benefits that others are missing out on. Here is what this book will teach you:

The 4 Different Personality Types: Everyone is different, but you can tell a lot about someone just from observing what type of personality category they fit into. There are 4 generally accepted “types” that a person can be, and once you learn how to recognize that, you can put this information to use.

Reading People Using Body Language: Body Language is one of the most powerful ways to read people. Humans are subconsciously programmed to move their body in a certain way according to their emotions and what they are thinking consciously, and also subconsciously. Being able to learn how to read body language cues will take your analyzing skills to the next level and improve your interpersonal relationship skills in all aspects of life.
How to use this Information: What good is your knowledge pertaining to analyzing people if you aren’t sure how to use this knowledge? Not only will this book tell you how to read body language and personality cues, but it will give you actionable steps for using it. You can change your own state of mind by changing your body language, which you will learn about in chapter six of this book.
Cold Reading Methods and Tips: Cold reading is technically associated, in people’s minds, with palm readers or psychics, but this can be a useful skill for many other reasons, especially analyzing and reading others.
And Much More..

So Join us and start your journey of better understanding human psychology today!
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