Wallace Kelly

Psychic Vampires

They're everywhere! 
Energy vampires have been around since humans first inhabited the earth; long before stories of blood-sucking vampires. Rather than living off the blood of people, the psy-vamp feeds off energy, leaving their victims feeling drained. Since they're unable to produce their own energy system, they connect to another person's energies in order to recharge. Almost immediately the toxic person will seem full of energy while you're left mentally, physically and emotionally depleted. The longer you're in the company of a psychic vampire, the more damage is done to your own system, sometimes leading to chronic depression, chronic fatigue, and a long list of other symptoms. 
As we go through this book you may see many similarities to people you know now or have in the past because they can be friends, neighbors, coworkers, family members, or even your spouse! We'll cover ways to recognize these toxic people, how to cleanse, heal, and protect yourself, and also discuss why they do it and why you're so sensitive to their effects. No longer will you be a victim. Instead, you'll be able to spot these people with ease and remain in total control of your personal power!
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    EVERYTHING PUTS OUT energy vibrations: people, animals, plants, even stones. As a human being, you give out various frequencies of energy depending on your mood and the aura boundaries you've set for yourself. These work together and can attract positive or negative people and events every day of your life.

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