Stephen D. Peet

Myths And Symbols

Dr. Peet is well known as a writer on American antiquities. He has gathered together from a great variety of sources much interesting and impressive material in regard to the religions of the aboriginal inhabitants of our country. It will be a surprise to the average reader as he peruses these interesting pages to see how elaborate was the religious belief and worship of the untutored races that preceded the era of civilization in America. There is much material in the book upon which to base theories as to the origin of the aboriginal inhabitants of the continent. There is poetic and romantic suggestion in abundance. The student of ethnology or of natural history or of theology and even the merely curious reader will find the book one of great interest. We can but admire the learning of the author, and his diligence in research.


Chapter I. Races And Religions In America.
Chapter II. Totemism And Mythology.
Chapter III. The Serpent Symbol In America.
Chapter IV. The Serpent Symbol In America. (Continued. )
Chapter V. Animal Worship And Sun Worship Compared.
Chapter VI. American Astrology Or Sky Worship.
Chapter VII. The Pyramid In America.
Chapter VIII. The Cross In America.
Chapter IX. Phallic Worship And Fire Worship In America.
Chapter X. The Water Cult And The Deluge Myth.
Chapter XI. Transformation Myths.
Chapter XII. The Worship Of The Rain God.
Chapter XIII. Ethnographic Religions And Ancestor Worship.
Chapter XIII — Continued. Anthropomorphic And Mountain Divinities.
Chapter XIV. Commemorative Columns And Ancestor Worship.
Chapter XV. Personal Divinities And Culture Heroes.
Chapter XVI. Culture Heroes And Deified Kings.
Chapter XVII. Personal Divinities And Nature Powers In America.
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