Alyxandra Harvey

The Bone Witch

The gripping conclusion to the spellbinding YA trilogy, which “will appeal to . . . fans of . . . the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer” (VOYA).
In Regency London, young cousins Penelope, Gretchen, and Emma have come into their own as the latest generation of Lovegrove witches. They have faced dangers from both this world and the world beyond and they’ve survived it all together.
But now they are no longer together.
Penelope has been kidnapped by a murderous madwoman, trapped in an ancient cellar full of bones, and forced to use her talent for reading objects to locate the remains of long-dead evil witches. Her captor plans to use the bones to reanimate their dark spirits in living bodies and unleash them on an unsuspecting world.
And the only hope to stop such a nightmare rests with Gretchen, Emma, and every witch in London as they struggle to reach Penelope before darkness falls forever . . .
The Bone Witch is the 3rd book in the Witches of London Trilogy, which also includes The Secret Witch and The Whisper Witch.
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    That was quick and the epilogue is too short

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