Michelle Lovric

The Book of Human Skin

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The book of human skin is a large volume with many pages of villainy writ upon it.
There are people who are a disease, you know.
May, 1784, Venice: Minguillo Fasan, heir to the decaying, gothic
Palazzo Espagnol, is born. Yet Minguillo is no ordinary child: he is
strange, devious and all those who come near him are fearful. Twelve
years later Minguillo is faced with an unexpected threat to his
inheritance: a newborn sister, Marcella. His untempered jealousy will
condemn his sister to a series of fates as a cripple, a madwoman and a 
nun. But in his insatiable quest to destroy her, he may have
underestimated his sister's ferocious determination, and her unlikely
allies who will go to extraordinary lengths to save her…
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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