The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, Madison Smith
Madison Smith

The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Do you want to lose that fat and give your body a nice physique without health hazards or missing out on your favorite meals? If your answer is yes then this book is all you need, get ready as we explore the ketogenic world together.

Ketogenic diets offer you the benefits of losing excess body weights without starving yourself, it frees you from hunger and gives you a better control over your appetite, it helps to reduce blood sugar and pressure, it increases your body energy and cholesterol readings and can be used to control epilepsy in children and some young adults.

This Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is a complete guide to low carb and high fat foods. In this book you will learn everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet; how it works, how the body transitions into a state of ketosis. This book contains 100 easy ketogenic diet recipes with clear and simple instructions.

The recipes in this book have been divided into sub categories for an easier reading such as; breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, appetizers and side dishes.
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