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Daddy's Hospital Threesome: Family Threesomes 2 (Family Sex Daddy Erotica Mommy Daughter Erotica Menage Erotica Group Sex Threesome Erotica FFM MFF Erotica Breeding Erotica Incest Taboo Erotica)

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I go to see Daddy in the hospital after he breaks both of his hands, but I wind up doing much more than just visiting.  What starts with just an innocent scratch of an itch he can't reach, ends with me doing something incredibly sinful.  What neither of us had planned on was Mom walking in on us.  She's as shocked as all of us, but soon her intrigue conquers and she's joining in, giving Daddy and me a fantastically sinful, taboo threesome that I'll never forget.  Read how we both fuck Daddy!

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Although it was attached to Daddy it felt as though it were a being all to itself.  I could feel the blood rushing in to it and the lust in the room was thick.  We both seemed to want something that we knew was wrong.

Gradually I began to slide my hand up and down his shaft, smoothing over his skin and listening to his soft moans that propelled me forwards.

In no time at all I was jerking him hard in my fist, but I very quickly realized that this wouldn’t be enough for me.

I shifted my feet and put my head over him, draping my hair over his crotch as I thought about doing something unspeakable.

Daddy’s eyes opened and he stared down in anticipation, wondering if I’d take him in my mouth.  I waited above him, using the opportunity to get a better look at that big, smooth cock of his as I pumped it.

“Take it in your mouth, Taylor,” he said, and inside my heart swelled.  Daddy was giving me permission to fulfill my sinful wish, and I wasn’t about to decline.

I took a moment to compose myself and then curled my hair over my ear, turning my cheek to him and looking up his body towards his face as I descended towards his cock.

I met Daddy’s eye and I could see how much he wanted this, opening his mouth a little along with my own as I pushed my lips close to his forbidden length.

My mouth enveloped him and I slid him inside, closing my eyes and exhaling deeply along with Daddy who twitched within me as I drove him to the back of my throat.

Soon I was sucking him like he wasn’t my Daddy anymore, but every time I looked up to his face I was reminded of the taboo act we were carrying out right there in the hospital.

I pulled off his cock and stared at it as it glistened under the bright lights, watching it shine with my spit and committing the surreal act to memory.

I stared up at Daddy and shook my head, biting my wet lips and staring back at his drenched dick before I claimed it again.

Daddy let out a louder sigh now and I began to jerk him in my mouth, losing myself in the moment in a bid to scratch his insatiable itch.

Then, just at our most glorious moment, the door of the room opened.

I pulled him out of my mouth and stared at the intruder, watching her stride in to the room.

“Mom!” I gasped, and Daddy turned to see her.
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