Anger Management For Dummies, W.Doyle Gentry, Gillian Bloxham
W.Doyle Gentry,Gillian Bloxham

Anger Management For Dummies

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Everyone gets angry. And in a turbulent economy where finances are stretched, property prices waver and unemployment booms, blowing a fuse is par for the course. But you don't have to take it out on others! Anger Management For Dummies, UK Edition shows you how to work through feelings of rage, emerge from the red mist, and lead a healthier, happier and more positive life. This fully adapted UK edition guides you through ways to recognise and deal with the underlying causes of anger at work, in relationships and in your personal life – and teaches you how to stay positive in spite of all the stresses and strains life throws your way. From letting go of resentments, preventing new rage and dealing with the anger of others, to improving self-expression, honing spiritual calm and getting a good night's sleep, this user-friendly guide tackles the latest anger-busting exercises and therapies (including CBT) and demonstrates how to deal with anger constructively.
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