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Kathleen Hope

50 Shades of Gay

Allen stopped what he was doing to watch the battered pickup come up the drive. He adjusted his hat and leaned against the rail while the gravel crunched underneath the wheels. Finally the truck came to a stop in front of him. He couldn’t help but smile as a dark haired, green eyed man climbed out of the truck. He gave Allen an appraising look and Allen could well imagine what was going through his head. How young he was for this job, was he even talking to the right person, what was he getting into?

Stepping away from the rail, Allen offered his hand. “You must be Bill?”

“Yeah,” he said, taking it. He had a firm grip. “Allen, right? We spoke on the phone?”

“Yep. Come on inside and I’ll show you the maps. Boss thinks we should sell off that stand of trees that was damaged in the last storm.”
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