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Easy Italian Phrase Book

Designed as a quick reference tool and an easy aid to study, this volume features 770 basic phrases that cover most everyday situations. Subjects include travel and transportation; shopping and stores; food; medical and emergency situations; entertainment; and postal, banking, and other services. Includes a phonetic pronunciation guide and an index.
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    Кира Шалышкинаhar citeretfor 3 år siden
    Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.
    Mi saluti sua zia e suo zio.
    Asya Kuhar citeretfor 4 år siden
    Twenty. Venti. VAϒN-tee.
    Twenty-one. Ventuno. vayn-TOO-no.
    Twenty-two. Ventidue. vayn-tee-DOO-ay.
    Thirty. Trenta. TRAϒN-tah.
    Forty. Quaranta. kwah-RAHN-tah.
    Fifty. Cinquanta. cheen-KWAHN-tah.
    Sixty. Sessanta. says-SAHN-tah.
    Seventy. Settanta. sayt-TAHN-tah.
    Eighty. Ottanta. oht-TAHN-tah.
    Ninety. Novanta. no-VAHN-tah.
    One hundred. Cento. CHEN-toh.
    One hundred and one. Cento uno. CHEN-toh OO-no.
    Two hundred. Duecento. doo-ay-CHEN-toh.
    Asya Kuhar citeretfor 4 år siden
    770. Zero. Zero. DZEH-ro.
    One. Uno. OO-no.
    Two. Due. DOO-ay.
    Three. Tre. tray.
    Four. Quattro. KWAHT-tro.
    Five. Cinque. CHEEN-kway.
    Six. Sei. SEH‿ee.
    Seven. Sette. SET-tay.
    Eight. Otto. AWT-toh.
    Nine. Nove. NAW-vay.
    Ten. Dieci. DϒEH-chee.
    Eleven. Undici. OON-dee-chee.
    Twelve. Dodici. DOH-dee-chee.
    Thirteen. Tredici. TRAϒ-dee-chee.
    Fourteen. Quattordici. kwaht-TOHR-dee-chee.
    Fifteen. Quindici. KWEEN-dee-chee.
    Sixteen. Sedici. SAϒ-dee-chee.
    Seventeen. Diciassette. dee-chyahs-SET-tay

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