Parvesh Handa

Painless Pregnancy

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The birth of a baby is a very special event in the life of a woman. Unfortunately, not all the women are educated to prepare themselves for this special occasion. Sometimes fear of pregnancy, its painful effects and other related issues play heavily on the mind of some expectant mothers which makes the whole process from getting pregnant till the actual birth of a baby look horrifying. The book ‘Painless Pregnancy’ by Parvesh Handa would educate all those women going to be mothers for the first time and provide a practical guide to painless childbirth. Care has been taken to help expecting mothers and their partners to learn what they need to make good decisions, adopt techniques for a painless pregnancy and pleasant childbearing period. This book would enhance relationship between expecting mother and her companion gain the information, skill, confidence and active participation in their own care. The birth process follows three stages of pregnancy followed by labour and delivery of a child. All these stages have been very aptly elucidated in the book and precautions to be observed have been described. The book has been written in a very easy to understand language and supported by illustrations where necessary. The will appeal to all those planning to have their first child and help them make the whole period very memorable and painless.
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