Randy Green

China Bound

How are Chinese people like Westerners? How are they different? How do they live? How do they think? In the 21st Century, would knowing these things be important to you?

After living in China for many years, Randy Green writes about his experiences and observations as a waiguoren (foreigner). One of the few Americans to receive the Chinese “green card”, he originally accepted an invitation to move to China for “just one semester” to teach English to students at Zhengzhou University in the heart of mainland China.

In China Bound, Randy looks back at that first semester and what he learned by being suddenly immersed in modern Chinese life. “Not wrong, not right, only different,” was his mantra as he coped with his new Chinese students, food, traffic, crowds, noise levels … everything! In the months after his arrival, a fresh start meant exploring everything in his new environment from basic household objects and foods to the thinking behind complex social attitudes.

Look over his shoulder as he learns about his new job as a foreign teacher, daily life on the campus and in the city, and the culture of modern China. Visit Chinese friends in their homes, meet international coworkers, come along on travel adventures and lost-in-translation experiences, and learn how to deal with the baijiu menace. Join him as he adapts to his new life and begins to understand more about the typical Chinese “man on the street”. Read China Bound to get a more complete and accurate picture of modern life in China.
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