Grace Goodwin

Rebel Mate

A rebel alien roaming the far reaches of the galaxy. An Interstellar Bride on the run for her life. When her life crash lands into his on a remote planet, they'll need each other to survive.
The Interstellar Brides Program guarantees it can match any female on Earth, even a cynical, street-wise, and very jaded Zara, who just wants to start over. But when she arrives on her new home planet… she gets more than promised:
Murder? Check.
Smugglers? Check.
A sexy as hell pirate who demands she follow his orders? Um, what?
Zara didn't volunteer for this mess, but she's a fighter. A survivor. She'll work with a sexy--did I say bossy?--rebel to bring down the bad guys and take on a Rogue 5 legion in order to obtain what she wants, a white picket fence kind of life in outer space… if she can live long enough to get it.
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