Claudia Carroll

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…doesn’t it? Contains exclusive sneak peek of Claudia’s latest novel A Very Accidental Love Story.
What happens when two people decide to take a year off…from each other?
Annie and Dan were the perfect couple. But now the not-so-newly weds are feeling more like flatmates than soul mates and wondering where all the fun and fireworks went …
When Annie lands her big break in a smash-hit show…that’s heading for the bright lights of Broadway she’s over the moon. Goodbye remote Irish village of Stickens and hello Big Apple! But with their relationship already on the rocks, how will Annie and Dan survive the distance?
They’re hitting the pause button on their marriage. One year off from each other – no strings attached, except a date to meet at the Rockefeller Centre to decide their fate. Will they both turn up? Or is it too late for love?
Unplug your phone, pour a large glass of wine and lose yourself in a fabulously entertaining and poignant love story.
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Head of Zeus
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  • alliah samsonhar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    Someone else whose whole existence once meant more to you than your own ever did.
  • Natania Yaparihar citeretfor 7 år siden
    Falling in love is easy, you see; any idiot can do it. It’s falling out of love that’s hard.

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