George Sand

The Marquis de Villemer

Urbain, the Marquis de Villemer is the younger brother of Duke d’Aleria, and is eager to clear his family’s debt to ensure his mother’s happiness. The siblings have drastically different views on the purpose of money and marriage.

A marchioness is eager to marry off her two sons: Duke d’Aleria and Urbain, the Marquis de Villemer. The former is the eldest, a charming playboy whose gambling addiction has saddled the family with debt. Urbain is the younger, more responsible son, who’s willing to sacrifice his happiness for his mother’s security. The men interact with several women, including Caroline, a secretary and companion to their mother. She is pulled into a strange world that hinges on marriage arrangements and social capital.

The Marquis de Villemer is a nineteenth century novel that embodies popular elements of that time. It’s fueled by class disparity, mismatched romance and financial strain. It also highlights family legacy and the desire to keep up appearances.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of  The Marquis de Villmer is both modern and readable.
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