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What you need to know for a Fantastic Chic life. Subtitled, How to enhance embrace and empower your body shape as a modern woman

I created this fashion guide for all the fabulous and amazing women out there, from around the globe and all walks of life. We are all created with a touch of magic, with unique and beautiful shapes that were made just for us. They have our names on them, nobody else's and intended for you and me.
Let's learn how to highlight them in the right places, embrace them, work with them, and most importantly — love them. They are waiting for you to adorn them in the right way, bring out their fabulous parts. The inner goddess, the rock star chic, whoever may be hiding in there and let her rule. Wear that crown my friend!
Women are beautiful and individual, so it's important that you wear the right clothes for your body. Do you need to drape, accentuate or elongate and how? What do you need to do? Yes, it can be overwhelming but don't worry we've got this!
You can obtain the most beautiful clothes in the world, but if you don't know what to wear and how to wear them, you are not doing your body justice. Sometimes we may not love what we see in the mirror, we know we can look and feel better but don't quite know how. That is why I was inspired to write my book and create this guide, because we all deserve to feel beautiful inside and out.
You will get detailed information on each body shape. What clothes should be gracing your body, and which should never touch it. You'll learn when to say, “Yes! I want that in every color!”. When to say, «No!' and throw it wildly out of your closet, and
Christina Kilmister vii
when to say “Never Ever!” and pass it on. There are also blank pages to jot down any notes.
I have focused on the five body shapes, yes you may differ slightly and be a pear with a big bust, or an hourglass with a small bust. Overall working with the five simple body shapes will give you a very good idea on what is yours. To the point you will know what to wear and what not to wear. I don't want you to get caught up with too many shapes, just choose the closest to yours and go from there. I want this to be an easy fun process, not a confusing stressful one!
I have also included other goodies, styling and shopping tips, layering, choosing the right jeans for your shaped tush, bras and shape-wear and all you need to know about color and skin tones.
This is created with the style and body shape chapters from my book, “Passion, Fashion & Heart”. I wanted you to have a quick and easy way of pulling up everything you need to know, on the go, wherever you are. I know how hectic a modern woman's lifestyle can be and time is everything especially if you also have the title of mother.
It can be hard to remember what you should be looking for in the exciting throws of shopping, especially if you see something you fall madly in love with. You can now effortlessly double check if the style is right for your shape. Then and there. Boom!
This pocket rocket book is not only super cute, but practical and a great size to pop in your pretty little handbag. It could also save you money and future
viii What you need to know for a fantastic chic life.
No more fashion disasters. No more refunds, exchanges and wrong impulse buys that sit in the depths of your closet.
You will see the body shapes also have names — Emma, Mandy, Jayne, Alice and Georgie. These are the five ladies that I followed and wrote about in my book. Sharing their personal and confronting stories about how they came, learnt to love and dress their own body shapes, but most importantly themselves, and they totally conquered!
Right you fabulous ladies… let's get started!
Christina x
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