Anthony Idalion

Blockchain: The complete guide to understanding Blockchain Technology for beginners in record time

Want To Learn Everything About the game-changer for the world of finance? Learn how you can benefit from Blockchain Now…!!!

This is an excelent book for beginners to understand the Business potentials of Blockchain !

Blockchain is a way of revolutionizing business transactions. It was developed in conjunction with Bitcoin technology but can be applied just about everywhere and has enormous implications for education and the future of finance. Blockchain, however, is more basic than just a tool for finance. Therein lies its incredible potential. At the most basic level a ledger. It is a digital ledger of transactions, one that is accessible to the public and keeps track of transactions anonymously .

This awesome book covers:

What is Blockchain?The History of BlockchainThe Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain TechnologyWhat Can Blockchains Enable?Examples of Public and Private Blockchain ConceptsThe Mechanics of BlockchainLegal impacts of the Blockchain technologyAnd more…
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