Charli Li

Fifty Shades of Trae

There are undoubtedly, Fifty Shades of Trae, and I am well aware of over half of them. Until now, I’ve never found the need or urge to record my most private thoughts or sentiments. In my diary and on these pages, I write from the very heart, sharing my most intimate feelings. These pages are my calm in the middle of the storm that I call Trae. Trae is an asshole, excellent lover, amazing person, family man, cold-blooded killer, fearless, crazy, calm, calculating, stubborn, handsome . . . you get my point. Sometimes Trae makes me feel like more than a woman, and at other times he makes me feel less than human. But I will make him love me, if it’s the last thing I do. However, I had to get this off my chest and get some things straight for the record.
This diary entry by an obsessed Charli Li, also intertwines with ‘The Letters’ that are a part of Wahida Clark’s Thug Series.
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Lying awake craving a forbidden love
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Yes, I do and you can’t tell me that you are not the least bit curious.” I massaged what I wanted right out of his sweat pants. To my enjoyment, it immediately stood at attention. I ran my tongue hungrily over the tip, tasting that sweet, dark chocolate, and when some liquid oozed out, I knew I was in control.
“Yo, you know this is going to cost you, right? And way more than some fuckin’ motorcycle. By the way, wifey sent that shit to the junkyard.”
“Anything you want. Just name it.” My tongue was already exploring all nine and some inches. I was loving every lick.
He kept looking at the monitors. “Yo.” He grabbed my head. “Get up.” As I looked up into the slits of his eyes, I then took him to the back

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