Robin Sacredfire

The Law of Attraction: 10 Tips on How to Make the Spiritual Laws of the Universe Help You Achieve Your Goals and Dreams in Life

This book is based on an extensive research on the topic of the Law of Attraction. It resumes dozens of readings but also the personal experience of the author in applying this theory and helping other people from around the planet in applying it.

Inside these pages, you will obtain the simplest, fastest and most efficient strategies to change your life and achieve everything that you desire. Each chapter focuses on one element that, when connected to others, increases the potential of our spiritual energy. And so, as you read them, you’ll develop a better conscience about which element is missing in your life, and why so many people try to apply the law of attraction without success, as they’re likely missing one of these elements as well.

Over ten years practicing these techniques was more than enough to reach several conclusions about which methods work better and why. As a matter of fact, it’s the correlation of such methods with others, related to fortunetelling, magic, psychology, spirituality, and recent findings on the field of Quantum Physics that justifies everything exposed here.

What makes this book so valuable is, indeed, the exposure to universal laws and the explanation to how they operate, how they lead to rules connecting money with spirituality, or altruism with entrepreneurship. And so, you won’t need any other book about the law of attraction after reading this one, unless you wish to reinforce your understandings about each topic already presented and apprehended here.
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    Anette Højer Jensenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
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    must replace all your negativity with the feeling of abundanc

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