Rusty Ellis

Self Publishing Hacks: Practical Suggestions for Practical Authors

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Ah, the art of writing. The beauty of putting words to paper (or screen) and then publishing the words for the world to see and appreciate. There’s something romantic about this, isn’t there? 
And if you read on the web, and blogs, and listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos, you’re told you can do it all for free! For free?!? Sign me up…
Well, let’s do a quick reality check. You can do it for free. Yup, you can. There’s a number of free tools out there making it possible to write, edit, format, create graphics, and publish for free. But you know what? Free can be very painful. I know. I’ve tried free. Then I bought an app. Then another app. And then I was able to focus on writing more, which is the point, right? 
Go ahead and answer out loud. The correct answer is: Right! 
Instead of going through the pains and recreating the wheel, why not learn from my struggles and mistakes? Is my way better than the other info you can find on the worldwide everything? Probably not. But, I can tell you how I’m doing it. How I’m writing my third book in a series and have written and published books beyond that. My way is exactly that; my way. 
I’m offering it to you as you develop YOUR WAY of writing and producing books to publish to the masses. 
I’ll throw in a few links here and there to give you some one-click access to decide if the applications are worth it to you. I’m not going to explain how to use the applications, I’m mostly going to go over the “why” I use them in my process over other paid and free methods. 
I hope these ideas and workflows are helpful as you develop your own methods and arsenal to get your good writing out there. 
Good luck!
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