Kathleen Hope

BDSM: Searching For Domination

Jill stepped into the nightclub ready to relieve the stress she’d collected after a busy day. A couple of handsome men caught her eye and activated her sexual imagination. It had, after all, been over a year since she’d had a relationship with a man. She wondered what some of those good-looking guys could do to her and for a split second her imagination drifted to someplace dangerous.

But in the end those naughty thoughts were interrupted by her friend, Mina, waving her over to a booth in the rear. With her olive-skin and long black hair, she would have been hard to miss.

Jill stepped over and plopped herself into a seat. “Glad I finally found you,” Jill said. “I forgot how crowded this place gets on a Friday night.”

“Yeah, this is the night the horny frat boys come out to play. As a matter of fact, I’ve been hit on three times just in the ten minutes I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Glad I got here when I did.”

“Me too,” Mina said. “Oh, I’ve taken the liberty of ordering for you. I know rum and coke is what settles you down after a stressful day.”

“Yeah, and I could definitely use some settling down today.”

“Rough day at the paper?”

“It was insane. Remember that story I’ve been working on about the strike at the auto plant? I had to deal with people evading my questions all day long. It’s enough to make want to put my fist through somebody’s –“

“Excuse me, ma’am,” a man interrupted, stepping up to Jill. His boyish face seemed stretched with worry…
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