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Frances Hodgson Burnett

Little Lord Fauntleroy

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    You know you always remember people who are kind to you.
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    nd plate, which to his unaccustomed eyes seemed quite dazzling. A stranger lookin
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    When they were ready, they went downstairs into another big bright room; its ceiling was low, and the furniture was heavy and beautifully carved, the chairs were deep and had high massive backs, and there were queer shelves and cabinets with strange, pretty ornaments on them. There was a great tiger-skin before the fire, and an arm-chair on each side of it.
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    To judge from his stories of his own adventures, Jerry had made some two or three thousand voyages, and had been invariably shipwrecked on each occasion on an island densely populated with bloodthirsty cannibals. Judging, also, by these same exciting adventures, he had been partially roasted and eaten frequently and had been scalped some fifteen or twenty times.

    "That is why he is so bald," explained Lord Fauntleroy to his mamma. "After you have been scalped several times the hair never grows again. Jerry's never grew again after that last time, when the King of the Parromachaweekins did it with the knife made out of the skull of the Chief of the Wopslemumpkies. He says it was one of the most serious times he ever had. He was so frightened that his hair stood right straight up when the king flourished his knife, and it never would lie down, and the king wears it that way now, and it looks something like a hair-brush. I never heard anything like the asperiences Jerry has had!
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    "Hello!" said Mr. Hobbs. "Mornin'!"

    "Good-morning," said Cedric.

    He did not climb up on the high stool as usual, but sat down on a cracker-box and clasped his knee, and was so silent for a few moments that Mr. Hobbs finally looked up inquiringly over the top of his newspaper.

    "Hello!" he said again.

    Cedric gathered all his strength of mind together.

    "Mr. Hobbs," he said, "do you remember what we were talking about yesterday morning?"

    "Well," replied Mr. Hobbs,—"seems to me it was England."
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    huge tawny mastiff
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    among the swells
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    like a boot-black
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    was in high spirits.
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    rose in his mind
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