Jackie Kay

The Adoption Papers

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Forward Prize for Best First Collection. Jackie Kay tells the story of a black girl's adoption by a white
Scottish couple from three different viewpoints: the mother,the birth mother and the daughter. This unique and honest volumeof poems has been adapted for radio. Also included in thebook are new poems reflecting issues of sexuality, Scottishness and being working-class.
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    Chapter 1: The Seed
    I never thought it would be quicker
    than walking down the mainstreet
    I want to stand in front of the mirror
    swollen bellied so swollen bellied
    The time, the exact time
    for that particular seed to be singled out
    I want to lie on my back at night
    I want to pee all the time
    amongst all others
    like choosing a dancing partner
    I crave discomfort like some women
    crave chocolate or earth or liver
    Now these slow weeks on
    I can’t stop going over and over
    I can’t believe I’ve tried for five years
    for something that could take five minutes
    It only took a split second
    not a minute or more.
    I want the pain
    the tearing searing pain
    I want my waters to break
    like Noah’s flood
    I want to push and push
    and scream and scream.
    When I was sure I wrote a short note
    six weeks later – a short letter
    He was sorry; we should have known better
    He couldn’t leave Nigeria.
    I missed him, silly things

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