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Hashgraph VS Blockchain

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The financial system is on the verge of a revolution

Change is inevitable, but where is the future of cryptocurrency?

Is it hashgraph technology or blockchain technology?

Some say that hashgraph is the future. It’s fast, secure and fair and should become the future of how you handle transactions.

Others see blockchain as the evolution of the world’s economy, especially after it burst into awareness in 2017.

You decide.

Read the facts and comparisons in this easy-to-read and well-researched book authored by business owner, Stephen C. Keller.

Mr. Keller holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from Park University and has had first-hand experience helping produce blockchain solutions for his own healthcare medical records company.

Included in these six educational chapters are topics such as:

Why the change?

Blockchain in simple terms and how it works


New cryptocurrencies

Who, what, and why of hashgraph

Hashgraph versus Bitcoin — who is superior?

A distrust of the current capitalist system has been growing. The Washington Post showed that more than half (51%) of millennial's from the US reject capitalism. Unless trust is restored in the young, financial institutions will have no future.

The time to understand cryptocurrency and its future is now. This is your future, too.

Even though this book is designed for readers who are well versed in the crypto-sphere, a newcomer will have no problem gaining a comprehensive perspective of both technologies.

Let Mr. Keller’s book shine light on a topic that is here to stay.
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