Harmonia Saille

Crusty Crones Get Out and About

In finding your way into the world of paganism you will have surely had a calling and embarked on lots of study and practice, even if you are still seeking your own personal path. You may have read a beginner book, then lots of books and discovered something that you like and fit in with. If this is describing you, where do you go now? You have some knowledge, but what do you do with it, and who can you share your thoughts with? Perhaps now is the time to get out and about into the wonderful world of Pagans. And so the adventure begins. Whether a beginner of any age or witch, pagan or teen who has already done much in the way of reading, this is a guide for you. This book from two Crusty Crones takes an educational, insightful and often humorous look at the modern Pagan lifestyle as seen from the inside and out.
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