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Jane Heller

Name Dropping

This tale of murder and mistaken identity in a Manhattan apartment building is “a rollicking and delectable read” by a New York Times–bestselling author (People).
A teacher at a fancy Manhattan preschool, Nancy Stern spends her days cleaning spills, moderating bathroom breaks, and preventing that one kid in the back of the room from eating glue. With America’s precious future in her hands, Nancy rises to the occasion—but sometimes she yearns for something a little more glamorous.
Meanwhile, another woman by the name of Nancy Stern has moved into her apartment building—and as if the constant mail mix-ups aren’t annoying enough, every mistaken delivery and misdirected message reminds her that the other Nancy Stern is outshining her by far. That pile of exclusive party invitations spilling out of her mailbox? Not for her. The stunning coat that’s arrived straight from the cleaners? Not a chance. And that smooth voice on the other end of the line calling to ask Nancy out on a blind date?
Now that is something the penthouse-floor Nancy Stern doesn’t have to find out about . . .
But while her night out with the hunk stirs up a romance, The other Nancy gets murdered. And suddenly the real identity of not just the killer, but the intended victim, is a mystery in desperate need of solving . . .
“Very funny . . . When teacher Nancy accepts a blind date meant for the other Nancy, things rapidly spiral out of control. Murder and mayhem follow, all in Heller’s trademark witty and entertaining style.” —Library Journal
“A charmingly improbable love story.” —USA Today
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    👍Værd at læse
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  • Jordan Brewerhar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    plenty of days when you’d rather be anyone but yourself.”
    I smiled sweetly, linked my arm through Bill’s, and left the building with my man by my side.

    Damn. U got him.

  • Jordan Brewerhar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    “It’s true. You’ve put me in touch with my inner slut.”

    So real

  • Jordan Brewerhar citeretfor 3 måneder siden
    then Bill Harris, the love of my life, was not only a liar; he was a thief.


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