Charles Dickens

Christmas Ghost Stories

Charles Dickens was the man who initiated the now famous tradition of writing and publishing ghost stories – especially for Christmas. This collection of his work brings together, in one volume, all the stories Dickens wrote for the Christmas issues of his magazines. Stories featured include “Ghost at Christmas”, “The Goblins who Stole a Sexton”, “The Goodwood Ghost Story”, “The Rapping Spirits”, “The Haunted House” and “A Christmas Carol”.
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    ? What, what? Ghosts, ghosts? No such thing, no such thing!’ And never left off saying so until he went to bed.
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    every one asked Lady Mary what she meant. Then, Lady Mary replied, ‘Why, all night long, the carriages were driving round and round the terrace, underneath my window!’ Then, the owner of the house turned pale, and so did his Lady, and Charles Macdoodle of Macdoodle signed to Lady Mary to say no more, and everyone was silent. After breakfast, Charles Macdoodle told Lady Mary that it was a tradition in the family that those rumbling carriages on the terrace betokened death. And so it proved, for, two months afterwards, the Lady of the mansion died. And Lady Mary, who was a Maid of Honour at Court, often told this story to the old Queen Charlotte; by this token, that the old King always said, ‘Eh,
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    sound of a spinning-wheel, or a hammer, or a footstep, or a cry, or a sigh, or a horse’s tramp, or the rattling of a chain. Or else there is a turret clock, which, at the midnight hour, strikes thirteen when the head of the family is going to die; or a shadowy, immovable black carriage which at such a time is always seen by somebody, waiting near the great gates in the stable-yard. Or thus, it came to pass how Lady Mary went to pay a visit at a large wild house in the Scottish Highlands, and, being fatigued with her long journey, retired to bed early, and innocently said, next morning, at the breakfast-table, ‘How odd to have so late a party last night in this remote place, and not to tell me of it before I went to bed!’ Then

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