Daniel Marques

The Efficient Student: Methods to Increase Concentration and Maintain Persistence while Studying for a Long Period of Time

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In its first edition, this book immediately became one of the most popular International Bestsellers for Learning, having been ranked in First Place in the Education section of Amazon Brazil and during months among the 20 most sold books ever in all genres combines.

After numerous attempts from multiple entities to remove this book from market due to the impact it can cause in the educational system, the Author decided to edit the first version, by expanding it in knowledge and new chapters, thus contributing to a better explanation of this topic.

This book summarizes the most important methods for someone to be able to increase its concentration levels and persist in learning.

Taking into account issues raised by numerous students with learning difficulties, but also students who wanted to become more efficient, the author was able to synthesize his direct experience with such individuals in order to make them more capable.

All students, without exception, that were observed applying the methods mentioned here in an integral way, managed to significantly prolong the period of their individual study, as well as maximize the efficiency of their results through a better understanding of the materials studied.

The strategy outlined here is based on a wide experience in both Europe and Asia, closely observing several programs for teaching and the behavior of students of different ages and regions of the world, from the most elemental till the University level, including Vocational Training. It’s also based on dozens of experiences that were as innovative as radical, namely, teaching, with success, the Chinese Language to Spanish children with seven years old in less than a year.

Having been an experienced Professor at four Universities and Director of Multinational Training Companies, where the Author conceived Training Plans, in addition to having a wide experience while a Psychopedagogue and Specialist in Learning Difficulties, but also as a Teacher in countless Schools in the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics and Physical Education, and also Martial Arts Instructor, the Author was able to synthesize a strategic model for the persistence in an activity that fits into any area of knowledge.

The analysis includes students of different ages and social strata, from different cultural backgrounds and countries, and, on the basis of all this research, it was possible to prove that, even if these methods are implemented purely in the transmission of knowledge, the degree of concentration may be increased up to four to six times higher when compared to their previous normal state.

The method here exposed allows maintaining the concentration while learning up to eight hours or more, at the expense of the two hours maximum to which the student would normally be accustomed.

The entire work focuses on integral elements in the process of increasing concentration, being that they complement one another.

It’s not just the description of a working strategy but one that enables a student to be indefinitely, and in any context, persistent and maintaining high levels of concentration.

Above all, it’s the same method that allows the Author of this work to publish it as the twenty-fifth among more than 100 in just five years, compose and publish 138 songs in less than three years, as well as read works of countless other Authors during more than 12 hours in a row, or even write during more than 20 hours without breaks and finish books in less than three hours, always with high analytical capacity in all cases.

What is written here is not just about methods applied to others, but also proven and experienced by the Author himself, summarizing a life of results implicit in his, admittedly extraordinary, biography, whose wide appreciation and acceptance at global level speaks for itself.
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