Alicia Cook

I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip

The reader's experience with this unique collection is lifted from the page as Cook has collaborated with a number of up and coming musicians to transform some of her poetry into song. Like her debut book, this one is divided into two parts. Modeled after a vinyl record this time, the collection is separated into the EP record, holding Cook's shorter poetry, and the LP record, holding Cook's longer poetry, prose, and songwriting. Together, they form an inspiring collection for all those recovering from something.
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    b7891437274har delt en vurderingfor 8 måneder siden

    It was short read and very good.

    Aida Rodriguezhar delt en vurderingfor 2 måneder siden
    👍Værd at læse


    Lebogang Botlhokohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Am Sorry for Your Loss”
    When someone we love dies,
    we say we lost them.
    Perhaps this is our mind’s way
    of convincing our hearts
    we will one day find them again.
    Aida Rodriguezhar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    You were weak, and you left without a word.
    It doesn’t take much strength
    to slam the door
    of an empty room.
    Evehar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip

    When there is nothing left to say,

    you stop.

    You take in a breath.

    You let out a breath.

    You listen.

    Do not stutter through made-up words for the sake of hearing your own voice.

    When there is nothing left to say,

    you leave.

    Do not stumble through made-up words for the sake of holding on.

    When there is nothing left to say,

    you let go.

    You do not allow your heart to suffer.

    It has been too good to you to allow it to suffer.

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