Anita Gehlot,Bhupendra Singh,Rajesh Singh,Lovi Raj Gupta

Cookbook For Mobile Robotic Platform Control: With Internet of Things And Ti Launch Pad

This book provides a platform to the readers, where they can understand the applications of ‘Internet of Things’ to control the robotic platform. It covers the basic knowledge of the mobile apps with their designing steps and programming. The objective of the book is to discuss various applications of robotic platform where ‘Internet of things’ can play an important role. This book comprises of total seventeen chapters for designing different independent prototypes for the various control methods. It covers introduction to IoT and basic components to design a robotic platform. The system demonstration is done with the help of Ti Launch Pad and other interfacing devices. The control of robot with different mobile apps like Blynk, Virtuino, Cayenne, Thingspeak, Firebase are included for vast coverage of scope.

It would be beneficial for the people who want to get started with hardware based robotic prototypes with IoT. This book is entirely based on the practical experience of the authors while undergoing projects with the students and industries.
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