Chris Capra,Eric Faster

Digital Privacy

Your data has already been sold… Get it back.

There are so many times when we are online, and we need to make sure that our data is safe. We assume that we are doing a good job with a bit of anti-virus protection and carefully selecting what sites we visit. But when some of the big companies we trust, including Facebook, Google, and more, are willing to gather up as much data as they can about all our lives (whether online or not) and then sell it make money, it’s hard to know how safe our information really is.

This book is going to help you prevent that. While it may be difficult to keep this from happening, there are quite a few powerful steps that you can take. These help to keep the hackers out and will stop Google, Bing, and other companies from tracking you and will keep all your personal information nice and safe.

It is amazing how much information companies are able to store about us and sell. Most are willing to hand it over because we don't even realize it is happening; we are just following instructions and typing what we are prompted to type. Taking the proper precautions ahead of time can make life a little easier and put you back in the drivers' seat when it comes to keeping your data safe.

This book will go through some of the simple steps you can take to keep your information safe and ensure that no one can take your data without your permission again. Some of the things YOU WILL LEARN:

* The TOP FIVE big companies already taking your information and selling it for mega-profits.
* The biggest SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES you need to fix, right now.
* The BEST HARDWARE to keep the trackers, and the hackers, out.
* The minimum MUST HAVE SOFTWARE that will lock down your system.
* How to SHUT DOWN HACKERS while you browse safely online.
* BULLETPROOF YOUR EMAIL and shop online without a care in the world.
* Safe online banking with these SECRET CREDIT CARDS.
* How to DELETE YOURSELF from the internet in under five minutes.

While there are many ways that companies can take your data and use it for their own benefit, there are just as many ways for you to kick them out and gain control again. Some of the controls are right in front of your eyes provided to you by the companies themselves, and some will require you to take additional steps on your own. Regardless, it is worth considering using privacy controls to protect yourself and your data.

Take back control of your data. 

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