Scarlett Wright

Wicca For Beginners Books

Take your first step onto a very old path with Scarlett Wright as your guide.

Are you curious about the prospect of a religion that is built around peace and respect for human life? A religion that appreciates and celebrates the beauty and power of nature? That venerates the independence of believers’ own unique experiences and perspectives, without getting bogged down in dogma?

Well look no further; the Wiccan faith might give you the answers you’re searching for!

Gain incredible insight into one of the world’s most misunderstood religions.

From the ancient roots of Wicca to its modern rediscovery, Wicca for Beginners: How to Get Started with Wicca, Discover Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Deities, Spells, Magic and Witchcraft relates the fascinating history of this religion.

Author and practitioner Scarlett Wright dispels some myths that have dogged Wiccans for decades, revealing the simple, universal truths that underlie this spiritual practice—truths that have brought meaning and guidance to the lives of thousands of Wiccans worldwide.

Learn the fundamentals of using magic to make change in the world around you.

Harness the power of the Divine spirit, your personal deities, or the universe itself to affect real change. Protect your loved ones from misfortune, bring material or spiritual prosperity into your life, learn about future events or better understand life’s deeper mysteries.

Beyond the simple, direct magical guidance in Wicca for Beginners, Scarlett Wright includes a free eBook of her acclaimed The Essential Magick Book. Go past the basics for a fuller grasp of unseen forces, harnessing the power of the moon, the seasons, and physical components like herbs and candles.

You have questions. Scarlett Wright has answers.

Wicca for Beginners covers everything needed to begin to understand the theology and practice of Wicca, including:

The basics: What is Wicca? How does one become Wiccan, and why would they choose to do so?

Religion: What does it mean to choose a deity? How and when are rituals performed? How do I make a Book of Shadows?

Magic: What materials are needed to cast divinations and other spells? How do spells work, and what can be affected with magic?

Continuing down the path: What do I do next to better understand and practice Wicca? How can I connect with other Wiccans in my area?

Solutions to mysteries of life and nature are waiting for you. Click “Buy Now” to find the first real answers in your spiritual quest!
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