Arthur Schopenhauer,A.C.Grayling

The Art of Always Being Right

'Beware who you give this book to.' Financial Times 'I recommend that you keep this delightful essay at your side.' Observer 'Dryly witty essay' Alain de Botton, Sunday Telegraph We all sit through meetings with that one person who seems to be able to persuade everyone. What is their secret? Are they more gifted than we are? Or is it just that they are very skilled in the art of persuation? That is exactly what it is. They are people who use subtle tricks to convince other people to agree with them. Based on a lifetime of observing opinion-forming by two authors, The Art of Always Being Right shows you the 38 ways that will convince people that you are right. Master them all and success is guaranteed.
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    Aristotle does, indeed, distinguish between (i) logic as the theory or method of arriving at true conclusions; and (ii) dialectic as the method of arriving at conclusions that are accepted —conclusions in regard to which it is not taken for granted that they are false and also not taken for granted that they are true in themselves. What is this but the art of being in the right, whether one has any reason for being so or not, in other words, the art of attaining the appearance of truth, regardless of its substance?
    Aristotle divides all conclusions into logical and dialectical, in the manner described, and then into eristical. (iii) eristic is the method by which the form of the conclusion is correct, but the premises (the materials from which it is drawn) are not true, but only appear to be true. Finally (iv) sophistic is the method in which the form of the conclusion is false, although it seems correct.
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    Even when a man has truth on his side, he needs dialectic in order to defend and maintain it; h
    Emilio Loerahar citeretsidste år
    Everyone has his natural dialectic, just as he has his natural logic.

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