Robert Snedden

Great Breakthroughs in Medicine

Throughout history, medical science has been at the helm of human development, from Neanderthals stitching their wounds with bone needles to modern organ transplantation.

Robert Snedden explores this fascinating subject, marking not a straightforward trajectory from primitive guesswork to sophisticated science but rather a winding narrative of twists and turns. Discover how 7th century Buddhist monks used vaccination techniques 1300 years before their accepted discovery, or how traces of antibiotics were detected in Roman skeletons.
Other topics include:
• Hippocrates and the four humors
• Public health and sanitation
• Progress made into the science of mental health
• Medical genetics, including DNA, blood types and genetic engineering
Full of useful timelines, fact boxes and eye-catching images, this full-color hardback provides an engaging introduction to this far-reaching subject. It presents some of the pioneers of medical discovery, including household names such as Leonardo di Vinci and Edward Jenner as well as lesser known figures such as Benjamin Jetsey and William Harvey. Discover the astounding breakthroughs of medical history which changed the world.
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